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Real Creation from Creative Indonesia People

About us

Netzme is a community-based mobile payment platform revolutionizing the way Indonesians interact socially and get access to financial services.

Netzme’s vision is to enable mobile-first markets like Indonesia to build a community with shared cultural bonds through social gamification and nurture pay-it-forward human nature.

To bridge the gap arising due to financial disparity within Indonesia’s rural interiors who largely lack financial literacy, Netzme empowers Indonesians with an effective channel to tap the “Good Samaritan” cohesive community spirit supporting micro-entrepreneurs


Providing mobiile payment platform for unbanked people as a part of daily social acitivities while raising entrepreneurial potential in micro level to support financial inclusion policy for Indonesia based on community.


  • Empowerment of small towns & rural areas overall by the latest Netzme’s technologies for better welfare
  • Build a more effective and Productibe collaboration tool betweet Netzme’s Kampung Digital and the business environment in Indonesia.
  • Using digital technology in a more fun and collaborative way for better digital literacy and financial inclusion.
  • Helping UMKM to collaborate together to have better resilience and better competitivenes
  • Real support from Netzme for GNNT BI (Gerakan Non Tunai Bank Indonesia)

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