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Starting from paying for various transactions to expanding the network & community with Netzme, Everything is easy with Netzme!
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Embody an advanced, modern & independent cashless society and MSME ecosystem through Kampung Digital Netzme
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Start with #SatuLangkahKecil to move forward together creatively & collaboratively through a variety daily social activities based on newest technology and get additional income sustainably

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License from Bank Indonesia as Electronic Money Issuer (e-Money) No. 21/584 / DKSP / Srt / B December 19, 2019. And as a Fund Transfer Provider in the framework of providing Electronic Funds Transfer Features with a License Number 21/270 / DKSP / 98 December 19, 2019
License from Bank Indonesia as Transaction Processing Activities Using Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) Operator with letter number 22/419/DKSP/Srt/B July 23, 2020
Registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia as Electronic System Operator with Letter No. 00993 / DJAI.PSE / 07/2018
Registered as a Member of Asosiasi Penyelenggara Pengiriman Uang Indonesia (APPUI)
Registered as a Member of Asosiasi Sistem Pembayaran Indonesia (ASPI)
Registered as a Member of the Fintech Indonesia Association
Registered as a member of Nexticorn.

Social Impact

A better financial inclusion growth and digital literation for people who do not have financial services access yet in small cities and rural areas. At the same time, becomes a collaborative platform to make a better prosperity for all Indonesian people.

to #TajirRameRame

Make your way to become richer just with Trulike mutual sharing. The more reach of your friends who supported by the consistency of creativity while using Netzme, the more you will be able to make #TajirRameRame comes true.

Take and Give Concept

Take and give in your community and friends is all that matters in Netzme! Payment activity as easy as creativity in your social media activity, only on Netzme.

Toko Netzme

Toko Netzme is a mobile technology service application specifically for merchants or businessmen. Toke Netzme will help them to execute sales in detail and make non-cash payments both online and offline easily and efficiently. The main advantage of Toko Netzme is both merchants & businessmen can do unlimited transactions, receive, view, and record all payments from consumers. Toko Netzme consist of some features, there are PPOB, QRIS, Invoice Link, Reporting, and Withdraw


To give all the best for you, Netzme make collaboration with various kinds of banking institution, community, and other unlimited possibility.


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Ngomongin “Cashless Society”

Fenomena cashless society yang belakangan booming ini telah menciptakan generasi masyarakat tanpa uang tunai. Meningkatnya popularitas cashless society berpengaruh juga pada pertumbuhan jumlah transaksi online

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