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The solution for Entrepreneurs Now you can make non-cash payments via online or offline

Toko Netzme

Toko Netzme

is a mobile technology service application specifically for merchants or businessmen. Toko Netzme will help them to execute sales in detail and make non-cash payments both online and offline easily and efficiently. The main advantage of Toko Netzme is both merchants & businessmen can do unlimited transactions, receive, view, and record all payments from consumers. Toko Netzme consist of some features, there are PPOB, QRIS, Invoice Link, Reporting, and Withdraw


This feature can be used by merchants or businessmen as an additional business of the main business which they are running because the price is cheaper than Netzme application.


By using QRIS, merchants can easily accept payments using QR codes through various applications that support QRIS payments and these transactions are automatically recorded on their Toko Netzme account.

Invoice Link

Creating invoices can be made based on the needs of merchants, such as one-time-payments (only can be used once) or multiple payments (t can be used multiple times). This invoice can accept online payments without a website and the invoice’s link can be distributed via email, SMS, Social Media or Netzme Chat.


This feature helps merchants to monitor and record transactions that have occurred so that historical sales and income can be recorded completely.


Merchants or businessmen can use this feature to accept payments using QRIS and withdraw cash to registered bank accounts.

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